Paint colors that make you feel unhappy all the time.. Take care before you choose them

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Sometimes a person feels unhappy and sad without a clear reason for that, but it may not occur to anyone that there are various factors that may lead to feeling unhappy for no reason, including the color of the wall paint, and for this we review in the report, paint colors that cause a feeling of unhappiness, according to what psychology indicated. colours, as mentioned bynamhpac“.

Paint colors make you feel unhappy

Black Color

Black color refers to sadness in Western and Arab cultures, and it is one of the colors that people wear at funerals and when they are in mourning, and on the other hand, the color indicates a feeling of fear and sadness.Black can be associated with power and strength, so it is not preferable to apply it to walls alone.

feeling unhappy

the colour blue

Light shades of blue help to feel calm, although dark blue is known as one of the sad colors, and it attracts negative emotions, such as depression and sadness. And it raises negative feelings such as doubt, depression, stubbornness and cowardice.

paint colours
paint colours

the colour grey

The gray color is a dull, moody, and sad color that affects the mind and body as it provokes feelings of anxiety, and painting many walls in the same color leads to feelings of sadness, depression, loneliness, and isolation..

Because gray is neither black nor white, it is usually seen as a transition between two colors. The closer black is to gray, the more mysterious and dramatic the color becomes. Gray is also considered an unemotional color and can make a person feel detached or neutral.

Choose paint colors
Choose paint colors

green color

The green color helps to feel calm, but applying it to a lot of the walls of the room leads to a feeling of laziness, anxiety, nervousness, depression, nervousness, and leads to a feeling of laziness, depression, and a little green can cause a feeling of apathy and fear of rejection..


The color purple affects the psychological state of a person, as it can make him feel content and calm and encourage creativity and imagination, however, different shades of purple create different feelings. Like the dark purple color evokes a feeling of sadness, melancholy and frustration, it is said that applying too much purple on the walls can lead to feelings of impatience and arrogance. A little purple is helplessness, negativity and apathy.


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