How to protect your newborn baby from the flu and colds this winter?

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Winter is cold and everyone needs to feel warm and feel hot, while wearing heavy clothes to protect from very cold weather, whether in the early morning or evening, the child feels the cold weather and is exposed to infection at a terrible speed. And because children have an incomplete immune system, especially newborns, which makes them vulnerable to any disease if the mother does not take sufficient caution, and there are some important steps that every mother must take to preserve the little one, according to the site.timesofindia“.

1- Do not touch the child’s face without washing hands

Hand washing is one of the important things that the mother must do, and to take care of the child, in terms of carrying the child, playing with him and cleaning him, and for this the mother must wash her hands with soap and maintain cleanliness, to fight all germs, that may have been attached to it from any unclean surface.

2- Asking visitors to wash their hands

Of course, when there is a new child in the family, it is a joyful thing, which makes everyone go to see him and celebrate him, and everyone wants to take a look at him, and for this the mother must make the child away from any field of viruses that may infect him from any visitor, and for this the mother must insist that he wash Guests have their hands disinfected with alcohol, this is for a sense of comfort and safety.

Visitors wash hands

3 – Stay away from people who show symptoms

The best way to avoid any infection is to stay away from sick people, such as cold and flu, which may infect the little one with some of the droplets that a person may make when sneezing, coughing or while talking, and for this it is better to stay away from these people in order to safer the child from not transmitting any infection. Or sore throat is indispensable.

Stay away from people who are showing symptoms

Stay away from people who are showing symptoms

4- Breastfeeding

Newborns and young children need breastfeeding, which boosts the immune system, because breast milk contains beneficial elements for the child and is rich in the infant’s antibodies, and protects children from some diseases that they may be exposed to during the cold winter season.

Breast feeding

Breast feeding

5- Stay home

The winter season is in many cases of various infections such as cold, cough, and influenza, and for this reason, the mother, when taking the little one outside at these times, fears that he may be infected with any infection.

staying at home
staying at home


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