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Referral of a number of senior public security officers to retire (names)

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publish date 2023-01-14 16:47:32

The Council of Ministers decided to retire officers from the Public Security Directorate and the following.

Rank name
Dean of Engineer Jaafar Suleiman Khalaf
Dean of Staff Abdullah Muttalib Salman
Dean Ali Abdullah Salem
Dean Amer Suleiman Youssef
Dean Ahmed Alyan Moqbel
Dean Amjad Hassan Morshed
Dean Ramzi Ahmed Ali
Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Rahman
Colonel Corner Saad Ahmed Saad
Colonel Mona Ahmed Abdullah
Colonel Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed
Colonel Yasser Ali Ahmed
Colonel Rami Jawdat Ismail
Colonel Ali Suleiman Khalaf
Colonel Riyad Shaker Ahmed
Colonel Ayman Mzuloha departure
Colonel Falah Saud Muhammad
Colonel Amer famous Abdul Hadi
Colonel Awni Ahmed Suleiman
Colonel Tawfiq Mohamed Salah.

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