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Electricity Distribution invites subscribers to use energy-saving heating methods

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publish date 2023-01-04 12:21:17

The Electricity Distribution Company confirmed that the use of energy-saving methods and following the instructions contribute to reducing the cost of high electricity bills for subscribers.

The company pointed out, in a press statement, that the use of air conditioners or heaters that operate on electricity during cold weather increases the volume of consumption, which is reflected in the monthly bills.

And she stressed that following the instructions by setting the air conditioners at a temperature of 24 degrees, performing maintenance on filters, and reducing the use of electric heaters contributes to maintaining the usual level of consumption.

The company confirmed that its cadres are deployed in the field to ensure the continuation of the delivery of electric current to subscribers at all times and around the clock, and that the company’s cadres are fully prepared to receive complaints, observations and suggestions through the unified number 113.

It is noteworthy that the Electricity Distribution Company operates in its concession areas in Karak, Tafila, Ma’an, Aqaba, and the Jordan Valley and Sharqia regions.


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