The fastest way to cope with overcoming severe anxiety

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Many people suffer from a feeling of anxiety, and the person’s anxiety may increase from normal anxiety to a severe, uncontrollable disorder, and it may reach panic attacks, with an increase in heartbeat with sweating and body trembling..

And the person may not know how to control his feelings, to overcome this matter, and there are some steps that can be taken in order to calm the soul from stress, according to the website.inc“.

Stand up straight:

Anyone who feels feelings of anxiety can stand up straight, because it is normal when feeling any anxiety that the upper part of the body is protected because it contains the heart and lung by the person bending, and in order for this feeling to ease quickly the person has to stand with the shoulders pulled back And make the feet even, while breathing deeply, and this method with calm breathing tells the body that there is no danger now, and if the person is sitting in the car, for example, it is enough to pull his shoulders back and open the chest while not bending and breathing deeply.

Play a game:

When a person is dominated by feelings of anxiety, and he is immersed in thinking, and for this he must stop this quickly by:

The person looks around and names 5 things that he can see

Move 5 parts of the body that can be felt, such as moving the head up and down, rotating the ankle, and so on.


Smelling lavender oil:

Lavender oil has many therapeutic properties and promotes a sense of calm, deep sleep with the ability to remove headaches, and even reduce feelings of anxiety easily. Keep a bottle of lavender oil on hand, whether in the bag or on the desk, to inhale from it, and the oil can be massaged. Lavender on the temples, taking a deep breath.

Watch a funny video:

Those who feel anxious can watch a favorite funny video clip, to end the anxiety they feel quickly, because the body may do one thing, either laugh or feel anxious, because a person cannot laugh and remain anxious at the same time, and until the body relaxes after a period of continuous laughter, Which relieves the person himself from the effects of anxiety, because laughter brings oxygen-laden air, which stimulates the heart muscle and endorphins, while listening to some relaxing songs.



Go for a quick walk:

Exercising is an old method because it reduces anxiety, which the body feels happy while exercising, such as walking quickly, clears the mind and makes breathing a lot.



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