Umm Kulthum’s birthday.. What is the secret of the handkerchief and the black glasses of the East Planet?

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“The days have passed”, “You are my life”, “Seerat al-Hob”, and other songs of Kawkab al-Sharq, Umm Kulthum, which is still repeated by generation after generation, and lives with her the most beautiful moments of love, starting from the first meeting and longing until the moments of abandonment and distance from the beloved, and the voice of Kawkab al-Sharq. Al Mumayaz, who was able to touch hearts before the call to prayer, no one can forget her. Despite her death many years ago and the emergence of a number of male and female singers on the singing scene, she still sits on the throne of Egyptian and Arab singing.

On the occasion of Umm Kulthum’s birthday, in this report, we review the secrets of Kawkab al-Sharq’s adherence to the handkerchief while she sang at concerts, and the secret of her wearing black diamond-encrusted glasses.

The secret of Umm Kulthum’s handkerchief

Umm Kulthum’s recorded concerts are still broadcast from time to time on TV channels, in which Kawkab al-Sharq appears while holding a handkerchief in her hand. Even some of the artists who designed statues for her or painted them with their artistic paintings did not forget to draw the handkerchief in her hand, but what is the secret of the East Planet holding on to it? Sayings differed about this, as it was said that Kawkab al-Sharq’s infection with hyperthyroidism caused her palms to sweat, according to what was stated by Dr. Hani Al-Washahy, a close friend of the late artist, in a television interview, in which he indicated that she was using The handkerchief to dry her hands, until it became part of her personality, and on the other hand, Kawkab al-Sharq explained in one of her radio interviews with the late journalist Wajdi al-Hakim, the reason for carrying the handkerchief in her concerts is her feeling of fear of confronting the audience, out of respect for him, as she said: “My fear of The public, because of his work, a thousand accounts, is the reason for my appearance with the handkerchief.

Another picture of Umm Kulthum

The reason why Umm Kulthum wore black glasses

It is said that the reason behind Kawkab Al-Sharq wearing black glasses is that she was infected at a lifetime with toxic thyroid disease in her eyes, which caused her to increase the fat behind her eyes, and led to exophthalmos, which made her hide her eyes by wearing black glasses in her television interviews and even her concerts, out of her desire In hiding her eyes from the public.

Umm Kulthum
Umm Kulthum
Umm Kulthum glasses
Umm Kulthum glasses


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