Etiquette of congratulations on the occasion of the New Year.. from Facebook to the phone call

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In a few hours, a new year will begin, which is the year 2023, so we must receive it with love and spread positive energies and with great happiness, with the hope that a new year will come with happiness for our hearts and with new successes, but the celebrations, hopes and wishes are not sweetened except by our presence with family and friends, so it is the most beautiful The things we await on holidays and occasions are receiving and sending congratulations, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, in the following lines, the etiquette of New Year’s greetings, according to what Hala Al-Azab indicated.

Send congratulations electronically:

Congratulation via social networking sites has become one of the things that are present and imposed on us and strongly, so it was necessary that we set special controls and etiquette for it, so we must mention the name of the person to whom we send the congratulatory message, and this indicates that the sender is interested in congratulating the addressee, because the general message sent Everyone is devoid of affection and interest, and also care must be taken to make an introduction, subject and end for each message so that all the pillars of the correct and elegant message are completed.

Telephone greeting etiquette:

And if the congratulation is by a phone call, then it is necessary to call at the times allowed for communication, so it is not valid to call in the early morning or late at night, even if it is a congratulation on the end of a year and the advent of a new year, the duration of the call does not exceed 10 minutes in which it takes place Congratulation without mentioning any sad dialogue or upset or anger.

Etiquette of congratulating the visit:

The visit must take place after a phone call and a prior appointment, and the visit takes place at the agreed date if it is a regular visit to congratulate or a festive visit for a late time, and often New Year’s visits are at a late time so that everyone can celebrate at twelve o’clock the end of a year and the advent of a year. Congratulations and good wishes after twelve.

Gift giving etiquette on New Year’s Eve:

In the case of a home visit, the guest presents the gift upon entering the door to the owner of the house, or puts it on the gift collection table, but if it is an external celebration, gifts are presented after the advent of the New Year, i.e. at twelve, gifts are exchanged with a refined smile and beautiful wishes. .

Etiquette of celebration and congratulations
Congratulations etiquette
Celebration of the New Year


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