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Security spread in conjunction with New Year’s Eve

Amman Today

publish date 2022-12-31 11:55:28

The Public Security Directorate said that security groups began to deploy at all major joints to deal with the expected active movement at night, coinciding with the beginning of the New Year.

According to Captain Mowaffaq Al-Khataba from the Traffic Department, he stressed that the task of the traffic sergeants in the field is to facilitate the citizens’ mission by supervising the traffic process directly.

He pointed out that there is an active movement expected in the evening, stressing that the security groups will be distributed unevenly to suit the movement, to maintain the flow of roads and prevent double and obstructive parking that may cause accidents.

He called on the citizens to cooperate with the traffic controllers to preserve the safe environment that will be available.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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