Thieves rob a jewelry store in Italy, and the shop owner confronts them with bullets. Video

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Thieves who robbed a jewelry store thought that the robbery had taken place peacefully, when they got out of it untouched at first, but the picture turned upside down within moments, as the owner of a jewelry store in Italy opened fire on a gang of thieves who stormed his store, which led to the death of two of them.

The thieves threatened the life of the owner of the jewelry store, and the life of his daughter, whom they tied up during the robbery, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, and said that Mario Ruggiero, 67, shot two thieves and killed them two dead in the city of Grinzan Cavour, Kunya Province, northwest. Italy, in an incident documented by cameras.

The beginning of the story of the attack and theft of jewels

The story began when 3 thieves attacked the store, armed with a knife and a pistol, which later turned out to be fake. The thieves threatened the old man and his daughter with death, and handcuffed his daughter who was in the store. After the thieves left the store and thought it was over, “Rogero” pursued them and ran after them with a gun that was in the store. bag, and fired 5 bullets at them, killing two of them and wounding the third.

The judicial authorities charged the store owner with excessive use of force in self-defense, and said, “I am sorry for what happened, but the situation was based on either them or me.”The store was subjected to an armed robbery in 2015, when two thieves tied it with plastic straps and beat it violently.

Daylight theft.. A gang robs a jewelry store in New York

In another incident, it is indicated that video clips recorded by surveillance cameras monitored – earlier – the theft of 4 thieves from a jewelry store in New York City, in broad daylight, according to the “New York Daily News” website.

Thieves wearing masks were able to steal jewelry worth more than two million dollars from a store in New York City, and the video began with a person who opened the door of the store and stood there in what seemed to cover the crime of theft, then two thieves wearing black clothes and masks quickly entered, followed by a third.

One of the thieves proceeded to smash the glass boxes in the store with a hammer, while two others looted the jewelry and placed it inside a large bag. The crime occurred at 2:30 pm last Friday, and it only took 45 seconds before the thieves fled.

Eyewitnesses said that the theft was very planned, as the hammer blows were so strong that they thought they heard gunshots, while the US police offered a $3,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the thieves.


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