The text of Jacinda Ardern’s insult to an opposition leader was sold for $63,200.. Find out the details

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A copy of the text of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s comment insulting an opposition leader was sold for more than 100,000 New Zealand dollars, equivalent to $ 63,200, as the offensive comment she made was captured over an open microphone after a heated debate with Liberal Labor leader David Seymour, and Ardern later apologized for the comment. Before Seymour suggested they join forces to raise money for the New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Beginning of the story

The prime minister thanked everyone who submitted a bid after the charity auction ended on Thursday. During a parliamentary debate last week, Ardern raised a problem when asked by Mr Seymour, the party leader. ACT Right-wing liberal, to give the example of “making a mistake, properly apologizing for it, and fixing it”.

Ardern defended the Labor government’s record before sitting down and muttering softly: “What an arrogant bastard!” The comment was picked up by her microphone and archived in the official parliamentary record.

Turn the insult into something positive

Despite the political differences, the two decided to turn the relationship into something positive, as they both signed a copy of the official text that included the comment and sold it at auction via the Internet.

Auction winner

Said Julian Shorten, who won the charity auction for 1News He said he would have to take out a loan to help pay the £52,200, expressing his delight at having bought the text, stressing that it was a moment in New Zealand’s political history.

“The interest was greater than anyone could dream of when I proposed it to her and she agreed immediately,” Seymour said in a statement. “I was struck by the kindness and generosity of the bidders helping everywhere.”

Speaking to the media after parliament, Seymour said “Some days I’m useless, other days I feel like a snooty scum… The apology we’re really looking for is to New Zealanders worried about price hikes.”


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