The most popular gemstone in ancient Egypt.. turquoise is the most prominent

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Gemstones are one of the jewelry that many resort to using due to their many and many benefits, whether for body energy or aesthetic and decorative purposes. There are available stones and others are rare, but they can be found after a long search, which makes the price of some of them high, and at the present time diamonds are among the most expensive and most expensive gemstones. Popular, but throughout history there were other precious stones that had great value so that they were always preserved among the treasures and collectibles of the late, especially in ancient Egypt, so learn about the most popular gems in ancient Egypt according to the site “gemporiaSpecialist in jewelry.


Lapis Lazuli in ancient Egypt

The Egyptian papyri confirmed that Queen Cleopatra used lapis lazuli powder as an eye adornment, like modern eye shadows, and among the most famous ancient masks in the well-known Egyptian civilization that were decorated with lapis lazuli stone, is the death mask of Tutankhamun as it was used for eye contour and eyebrows, and this stone was also found in Many pieces of jewelry that were discovered in his tomb, along with turquoise, carnelian and other precious stones.

Lapis lazuli stone
Lapis lazuli stone

Turquoise or turquoise stone in ancient Egypt

This is the only stone that derives its name from its color, and it is amazing that the mines from which the Egyptians extracted turquoise are still in use today, as these famous mines in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt produced gems that adorned the necks of the ancient pharaohs, such as lapis lazuli, and were often carved on The shape of the scarab beetle and its use as a protection talisman, the ancient Egyptians not only used turquoise for decoration, but also used it as a powder as a medicinal remedy.

Turquoise stone
Turquoise stone

Chalcedony stone in ancient Egypt

Also among the Egyptian stones are chalcedony, feldspar, agate, jasper, obsidian, and quartz, but they did not use them as decorative gems, but rather they used them for eye makeup after grinding them and turning them into powder or fine powder and placing them in custom containers. The ancient Egyptian women of the Pharaohs were the first to use makeup.

Make-up of the pharaohs
Make-up of the pharaohs


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