Royal expert: Prince William felt betrayed by his brother Harry after his documentary

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Royal expert Katie Nicholl confirmed that Prince William, Prince of Wales, felt very upset and betrayed by his brother, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, after his documentary series shown on an electronic platform, which bears the name “Harry and Megan”, and stressed that Prince William would take it. personally.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex used their documentary series to accuse Prince William of yelling at them, and King Charles of lying, and Harry claimed that he felt afraid of his older brother, the heir to the throne, in January 2020, when he yelled at him in front of his father and grandmother when he tried to strike a deal to leave the United Kingdom. According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Harry and William

The royal family is upset about the Harry and Megan documents

Katie Nicholl stated that the royal family has a lot of resentment about the series, adding: “William will take this very personally, I think he is incredibly upset, and he feels very betrayed by his brother.” the past few years, adding to the “great sense of mistrust” of their family.

She said reconciliation between Meghan, Harry and the rest of the royal family was “almost impossible”, adding: “They simply feel that any reconciliation is not on the horizon because they don’t trust it won’t end up in a TV show or in a book.”

Another image
Another image

Harry accuses his brother of yelling at him

In the series, of which the second part was released, Harry accused Charles of lying to him, accused the late Queen Elizabeth of not saying anything at the “Sandringham Summit”, and talked about the “heartbreaking” dispute with his brother..

Prince Harry said: “It was terrifying for my brother to yell and yell at me and my father to say things that simply weren’t right, and my grandmother, you know, just sitting quietly there.” There, I was given one choice in everything, no change.”

Harry and Megan
Harry and Megan

And then Harry claimed that the palace did not ask his permission to issue a joint statement denying allegations that William “shouted” at the Sussex family, and said: “I did not believe it, no one asked me for permission to put my name in a phrase like that, and Megan burst into tears, and Harry continued: “Because they are in Within four hours they were happy to lie to protect my brother…and yet they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.”


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