Messy hair is the most prominent hair trend for 2023.. know how

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Many women face a daily problem, which is styling hair upon waking up from sleep, especially when being late for an important appointment, whether work or a special occasion, but it seems that this problem has ended with the trend of messy hair spread during this period, and is expected to spread in the coming period, according to the website. British newspaper “Metro”.

What is the messy hair trend?

Hair stylist Tyler Moore said that messy hair is one of the trends expected to spread during the coming period, and to get it, hair does not need to be styled in one way or another.

Messy hair

He added messy hair is the classic look that can be obtained by washing the hair and leaving it overnight, and leaving it when you wake up without styling it.

Get messy hair

This trend is one of the simple and natural hair trends that do not take much time, as Tyler said: “Most things related to hair and beauty actually require taking a few steps to get a natural, elegant look without much effort, but this trend is only used in an airbrush.” .

Another image
Another image

And to style the hair, then on the second and third day, some dry shampoo can be used and styled with a thermal hairdresser if necessary, with the use of a wide-toothed brush, to obtain a curly hairstyle, and it is recommended to sleep on satin or silk pillowcases to maintain a curly and messy hairdo.

He added that a little hair oil or salt spray can be used in the hair. Tyler advises, after using the hairdresser, to use hair styling sprays to get rid of frizz, add shine and softness, in addition to fixing the hair.

Messy hair
Messy hair

And when looking for something quick to get messy hair for an elegant look, it is advised to put a little hair oil or salt spray to make the hair look smooth.


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