If you are going to do your own makeup… basics that should be within reach of the bride

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Every bride wants to look radiant and beautiful on the night of her life, so the bride should be careful on this day to make up a lot, to present a wonderful and beautiful look. Sometimes the bride may put on makeup for herself, for a simple, quick and radiant look, and there are some basics that must be within the reach of the bride in terms of makeup, in order to be able to appear in an unusual bright appearance, according to the site.brides“.



The use of foundation cream on the skin is important in order to create a perfect look for the rest of the face, and the foundation cream may depend on the skin type, and does the bride want to cover the entire face or put the cream on the face transparently, and most brides tend to buy a liquid foundation cream, to be mixed to give a touch Attractive natural finish.


Concealer can be chosen because it is multi-tasking and can be applied to light up the areas to be lightened, and it is able to hide pimples and dark spots and can stay on all day in the night of life to cover dark circles and it is a great saver, and for this one must be careful that the bride has it on that important night.

Blush and bronzer:

Blush can bring life back to the face, and the soft bronze warms up the skin tone, so you can choose a color darker than the skin tone, for an elegant and soft look.


The bride may want to make the makeup stable on her face, and for this it is necessary to have a ready-to-use primer, while looking for products with moisturizing formulas, with color changes by choosing pink, green or yellow shades.

makeup sponge:

Every bride, while applying makeup, must use a makeup sponge, and when using the makeup sponge, it should not be dry so that the skin is not affected, so that it becomes dazzlingly fresh and radiant.

Pressed or liquid setting powder:

Each bride who applies makeup by herself can have a pressed or loose setting powder, in order to be able to fix the concealer and foundation cream, while looking for multi-tasking formulas, while reducing shine with a stroke of the brush, in order to be able to absorb oils to make a final touch without any Disadvantages.


The bride who wants long or short eyelashes to show a clear appearance that the mascara is one of the important things that she has, so that she is able to show the eyelashes properly on the skin, because the mascara makes the lower eyelashes dark for the appearance of perfect, sparkling eyes.


Every bride who wants to look gorgeous should define her eyes with an eyeliner pen, which is waterproof and blendable, while staying away from the black color, because it makes the eye shape harsh around the eye, so a brown color can be chosen.

makeup sponge
makeup sponge




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