How to choose your clothes to look more attractive.. 6 necessary steps

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Clothes must be chosen smartly for an elegant and attractive look, especially for men, to make a person appear decent and elegant, which makes a person appear taller than his original height.

Some men may not have the experience to choose fashion, which can make a man taller and look more elegant, and there are some tips that can help those who do not want to appear short, according to the website. esquire.

Stick to monochrome

Whoever wears monochromatic colors can look taller, and this is simple, and everyone can do it, because wearing a dark color improves the shape of the length, and the darker the clothes, the better, keeping the dark color in the lower half of the body and making the light color on top It will create an elongated effect by pulling the eye up.

mono clothes

Avoid baggy, low-waisted pants

Whoever wants to look taller should stay away from loose pants because they make the wearer shorter, and pants can be worn at the natural waist in order to increase the leg line, and make the leg appear longer.

The jacket is your best friend

Whoever wants to appear taller can wear a jacket, which makes him appear tall, which creates a slim silhouette that makes the chest appear larger and the waist appear smaller, which gives a severe slimming effect, and the man is taller.

Men's clothing

Men’s clothing

Find a good tailor

For a man who feels that he is short, he can look for a suitable tailor for him, to wear clothes that are commensurate with his height, which gives him a longer appearance, because it may harm some people to wear wide and loose clothes that do not fit the body space, which shows the man that he is shorter, and this is what he does not want, and it may give an appearance Unconsciously short, that’s why you have to search for the right clothes in a big way.

Ensure that the shirt does not reach the hip bone

If a man feels that he is short in some of the clothes he wears, he can control the matter to make him appear taller by wearing a shirt and folding it to give himself a slimmer shape, and make the leg look longer. Unbelievably short.

Short sleeves should not be worn

What we wear creates an optical illusion, either good or not, and that is why the sleeves must be long because wearing short sleeves makes the arm short in turn, and if the arm becomes short, the rest of the body will be likewise, and for this a long-sleeved shirt must be worn to give a long appearance, which creates an illusion of body length .



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