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What does the empty agenda of the “Representatives” session next Tuesday mean?

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publish date 2022-12-24 10:02:33

The Compass – The agenda of the Parliament session, next Tuesday, is devoid of the budget speech that precedes the start of the parliament’s discussion of the draft general budget law for the year 2023, which was approved by the government at the end of last month, which may result in delaying the approval of the project, and resorting to Article 113 of the constitution.

Laith Nasraween, a constitutional law specialist, said, “The government’s failure to deliver the budget speech so far only results in a delay in approving the project and increases the possibility of resorting to monthly appropriations in accordance with Article 113 of the constitution.”

And the government sent the draft general budget law for the year 2023 to the House of Representatives, in preparation for referring it to the specialized committee (the Finance Committee) for discussion and presentation in Parliament, according to the “Kingdom” correspondent, on December 4.

Constitutional dates

And “the draft general budget law, including the budgets of government units, shall be submitted to the National Assembly at least one month before the start of the fiscal year for consideration in accordance with the provisions of the constitution,” according to Article 112 of the Jordanian constitution.

“If the new fiscal year 2023 begins and the general budget law has not been approved, spending will continue according to Article 113 with monthly appropriations at the rate of 1/12 for each month of the previous year, which is expected because the House of Representatives has not started the approval process yet,” according to Nasraween, a professor of constitutional law. at the University of Jordan.

Nasraween pointed out that the draft law is currently with the House of Representatives, and “the House of Representatives must meet and start with the first reading of the draft and refer it to the competent committee,” adding, “there is no constitutional effect to the delay in delivering the budget speech, except for the expectation of delaying the approval of the draft budget.”

On November 30, the Council of Ministers approved the draft general budget law for the year 2023 AD, and then I sent it to the National Assembly after 4 days.

However, on December 21, the government approved a draft law amending the law regulating the general budget and budgets of government units for the year 2022; This is in light of the constitutional amendments that were recently approved, including the amendment to Article (112) of the constitution, which required the submission of a single general budget draft law that includes the budgets of government units.

The amended draft law aims to “find compatibility and consistency in the provisions between the law regulating the general budget and the draft general budget law currently deposited with the National Assembly, as well as the draft budget laws that will be approved later.”

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