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Details of a European depression affecting Jordan Monday

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publish date 2022-12-24 19:24:12

The latest weather maps indicate that a cold air mass is expected to rush towards the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea, coming from eastern Europe and across the Black Sea and Turkey.

According to the “Arab Weather” website, the cold air mass causes the formation of an air depression that is classified as a second degree, and is expected to affect Jordan with the late hours of Sunday / Monday night.

The site said that temperatures are expected to remain around average for this time of the year on Sunday, while the weather will be cold and foggy in several parts of the eastern plains and mountainous heights, and the opportunity will be ripe for showers of rain in parts of southern and eastern Jordan.

Rain begins to fall in the hours after midnight and Monday dawn in various regions, and it is sometimes heavy, and fog forms over the mountains after the crossing of clouds touching the surface of the earth.

And the results of analyzes of weather forecasters in “Arab weather” indicate that the impact of the depression is expected to increase during Monday, so that temperatures will drop compared to what was the case in the past days.

It is expected to rain at intervals in large areas of Jordan, sometimes heavy, which leads to the flow of valleys and reefs, in addition to a rise in the water level in some areas, with an increase in the activity and speed of the winds, accompanied by strong gusts sometimes that cause dust and dust to be stirred up.

On Monday/Tuesday night hours, temperatures continue to drop and the weather is remarkably cold in most regions, and very cold over the high mountain heights, with the opportunity remaining ripe for rain accompanied by hail showers over the southern peaks.

The depression is moving away from Jordan on Tuesday, and yet the country is experiencing cold weather with the appearance of scattered clouds, and the opportunity is available for some rain in the morning hours in some areas.

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