Remembering the past romantic relationship helps strengthen the current one

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When a failed emotional relationship ends, one of the parties begins to move forward with his life and tries to get rid of everything that might remind him of this relationship that makes him feel sad and remorseful of this experience he went through, and opens a new page in his life with another party, but he may remember some moments of the former lover. Which makes him feel bitter again.

Remember the previous romantic relationship

What is the effect of remembering the previous emotional relationship?

According to a new study, it was found that the best way to improve the current emotional relationship is to think about the ex-lover, according to the British newspaper “Metro”.

Psychologists at the University of Kansas, USA, asked volunteers to think about nostalgic memories of the past with their ex-lover and then report to them how they felt about their current relationship, and found that this had a positive effect in their current relationship, as many participants reported that it helped them think more positively about Their current relationship, and make them realize how much they have grown emotionally in the current relationship compared to the previous relationship.

Feeling sad when remembering the previous relationship
Feeling sad when remembering the previous relationship

The researchers who conducted the study, which was published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, found that nostalgic memories of a past relationship remind people of positive romantic relationships, and found that it made them view their current partners in a positive way, and these memories can be brought back by hearing a song or watching the favorite movie of the ex-lover..But if the previous relationship was very painful, people may resist feeling nostalgic.

The number of participants in the research

The researchers asked 167 people participating in three experiments to explore the positive effects of meditation on past relationships. They had them think of happy memories with their ex-partners, then asked them questions about their relationship satisfaction and love for their current partners. Participants reported that remembering good times with their ex made them feel good.

Remember the ex-lover
Remember the ex-lover

The researchers concluded that remembering the previous relationship had a positive effect on the current relationship, because the person made a comparison between his current and past relationship and the negatives and positives of the two relationships, which made him cling to the current relationship and fully realize the mistakes he made in the past so as not to commit them again.


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