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A few days and we start the New Year celebrations, so everyone congratulates and wishes friends and close ones, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines the etiquette of dealing in the New Year’s party in an elegant way and fun celebrations, and therefore it is necessary to deal with others, whether relatives or strangers, according to what she indicated Hala Al-Azab, the etiquette expert.

New Year’s Etiquette:

The congratulator should be interested in writing a private letter mentioning the name of the recipient, It is also possible to make phone calls to congratulate the New Year, provided that the congratulatory person is careful not to prolong the duration of the call. As for visits, it is preferable to make a call in which he mentions the date and day of the visit, taking care not to get angry if the owner of the house apologizes for being busy on this day with a promise to receive them on another day.

Create beautiful memories with your children:

New Year’s days are considered beautiful days, so all parents should spread positivity in these days with their children, take them to buy Christmas tree toys and give their opinion on the forms of decorations and sweets, also cooperate in decorating the house, decorating the tree, making baked goods and sweets to prepare for this day, which creates beautiful memories between Children and their parents.

Etiquette invitation to celebrate the new year:

It is preferable to make a time plan for this day. Invitations should be made to close friends and family by specifying the numbers to be invited, at least a week or four days before the day of the celebration.Emphasizing the guests If the invitation is for dinner, the house must be prepared and festive clothes must be dressed fifteen minutes before the guests arrive. Guests can prepare baked goods or snacks to gift at the time of the celebration.

Etiquette for dealing if the invitation is outside the home:

Attention must be paid to reserving a table ahead of time, celebrating more than three days, intending to go 20 minutes before the alleged ones to arrange for the celebration, sitting facing the door to receive the guests, taking care not to act in a way that harms the intending or the invited, while paying attention to the rules stipulated by the place.

New Year's Etiquette
New Year’s Etiquette

Celebration etiquette
Celebration etiquette


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