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With the approaching end of a year and the beginning of a new year 2023, we may find a large number of people who love to know luck, searching whether money or love awaits them, or how long the emotional relationship will last, and some want to know the yearnings at the level of work and successes, so he reviews “The Seventh Day” with Raif Raafat, an expert Astronomy, energy and numbers 2023 predictions for the world in all fields.

The energy and numbers expert told Al-Youm Al-Sabaa: “2023 is considered one of the most fortunate years with many changes, and it will also turn into a watery year similar to Pisces, due to the presence of the number 3, which carries fortune with treasures for some personalities.

And he continued: It is distinguished by the number 7, which is also a lucky number associated with worldly matters that carries victory, strength and coexistence in a good life. 2023 can be a cure and compensation for the past, and Egypt can obtain great successes and changes in the economy.

And he stressed, “2023 water years will help many water signs in achieving goals, luck and successes, especially Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer from the constellations that luck can be said on their professional court. They will get a promotion regarding work and reveal facts.

As usual, astronomy and horoscopes always come with many mysteries and surprises, including wishes that come true and others that are deferred, and this is what we offer in the coming days to our readers who are interested in following up on horoscope predictions.


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