A TikTok user reveals 4 new functions for the car seat belt

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Car seat belts are installed to keep drivers and passengers safe, and this is the only thing that prevents them from stepping out through the windshield during an accident, but is safety the only reason to add seat belts to cars? It seems that someone has a different opinion, as he sees the existence of other features of seat belts other than maintaining the safety of passengers, which is known to all.

A video of a car enthusiast surprised social media users by revealing 4 hidden features of seat belts that go beyond safety, as the “Tik Tok” video begins for the user. lianggeshuoche Claiming that millions of drivers around the world are not aware of hidden features, according to timesnownews.

The first hidden feature is the role of seat belts when a car breaks down. The content creator opens the car door, pulls the seat belt out, and wraps it around his body. He says this allows the driver to use all of the body’s strength to push the car while controlling the steering wheel with the right hand.

The second feature is more than just advice as he advises people to pull their seat belts to the maximum when buying a new car. From his point of view, this is how he can check for sediment and signs of mold, which indicates whether the car is in the water or not.

In the third tip, the content creator advises his followers to check the manufacturing date at the bottom of the seat belt. After that, he said, drivers should also open the passenger door to check the manufacturing date on the nameplate. As for the latest hack, it concerns the metal buckle below the belt, where he said. The buckle can be used to break the window when the driver or passenger is locked inside.

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On the other hand, it is referred to as Inc Tesla Last November, more than 80,000 cars were recalled in China due to problems with the system and seat belts, according to the China Market Regulatory Administration. @CNBC.

The administration said that the American company recalled a total of 67,698 imported cars of the two models S And the X Produced between September 25, 2013, and November 21, 2020.

The recall of these models is due to a system issue affecting the cars battery management Tesla Free repairs for these vehicles.

The automaker is also recalling 2,736 imported Model 3 vehicles produced between January 12, 2019 and November 22, 2019, as well as 10,127 Chinese-made copies of that vehicle due to a possible seat belt defect.


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