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In a strange and attention-grabbing work of art, the artist, Samara Golden, spent many months only to draw the intestines with their tortuousness and bloating, and used the colors of blood red, blue, or yellow that suggest disease.

The bizarre artwork is a stretchy foam canvas covered in balloons similar to deformed sausages attached to each other. It decorates murals and is on display in a gallery. Art Basel Miami BeachAccording to the site CNN Arabic.

The artwork is on display in Miami

An artist draws a painting in the form of a intestine

“I loved the idea of ​​gut as a word that can denote many different things,” Samara said. It has to do with the instinctive, repulsive, but important role played by the actual gut.

The intestine is responsible for absorbing essential nutrients and moving waste, but the gut microbiome is also being studied for its ability to modulate our brains, from our moods to neurological function and disorders.

Gut painting tours world art galleries

Samara Golden’s interest in looking inward and deeply came from a more complex installation, and the artwork was shown for the first time inside “Night Galleryin Los Angeles last January, before it has now moved to the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Looking up or down, the mirrors create an illusion of infinite levels, and the layers of structure, embracing the intestines, bright pools of water, snakes, crustaceans, and piles of furniture continue endlessly.” But the complex landscape of the intestines became somewhat the star of the project. And about the period of preparation of this work for the exhibition “Night Gallery“I really enjoyed doing the bowel section with it, and I couldn’t stop,” said the artist.

A set of mirrors to display the artwork
A set of mirrors to display the artwork

Golden confirmed that she needed about half a year with the team.Night GalleryTo get the elements of this ambitious skyscraper illusion right, then two months of working 16-hour days in the studio to fit out the exhibition in Miami.

In Sydney, the artist worked with the Art Gallery of New South Wales for a further four months to make the project fit within this space by blurring the boundaries between the museum’s interior and the installation itself.GutsOn display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales until the end of 2023.


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