A picture and information.. “Abu Mardam”…the secret of the name of the famous Siwa food and the method of cooking it

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“Abu Mardam” Have you heard this name before? Who is that person and why did he name his son Mardam? A name that aroused the passion of the lens of “The Seventh Day” to know its meaning, and after intense research in all the guarded governorates of our Egypt, we arrived at Siwa Oasis in Matrouh Governorate, and we knew the reason and the hero of the wonder, and we reached what this name is, so it was a surprise.

A name that is repeated throughout the oasis, not in the name of a person who lives inside it, but rather a food that the oasis was famous for, and it is cooked in a way that adds a special taste to its taste. The people of the virgin oasis “Siwa” kept its secret. And the way to cook it.

Abu Mardam

Abu Mardam food is distinguished by the leveling of meat underground using firewood, sand, and fire. This food is also distinguished by the spices of the people of Siwa. The secret of this food is the olive tree, which is used for leveling. It is said that the reason for naming Abu Mardam by this name is that hot sand is placed on food utensils for the purpose of leveling.

Most of the people settle “Abu Mardam” themselves, whether it is red meat, such as sheep, cows, etc., or it is white meat, such as birds, rabbits, and others. In the beginning, the wood barrel is set on the fire for about an hour or two until the wood exudes, and we wash the meat well and season it with salt, vinegar and lemon and leave it, then add onions, carrots, greens, cumin, coriander and black pepper for an hour and a half or 4 hours as a maximum, after that we put it in the barrel amidst the firewood On the stove and cover it until maturity, rice and vegetables can be placed with it to be cooked on the coals as well, to gain a distinctive aroma and taste. And after we got to know “Abu Mardam” and revealed his true nature in today’s photo and information, we recommend to you a wonderfully beautiful trip and to enjoy the wildlife in Siwa Oasis.


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