A 12-year-old American soccer player raises controversy because of his older appearance. Video

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Football stadiums always carry oddities and antics, and in one of the funny stories of the most popular game around the world, player Jeremiah Johnson made headlines in all of America, last week, after pictures spread of him holding the “Best Player in the First Section of 12” trophy.uOn social media, Johnson’s team won the 2022 National Youth Championship in Miami, and was crowned MVP.

But while the pictures of the young player got thousands of likes and congratulatory comments, most people seemed to focus on Johnson’s age, as they could not believe that he was only 12 years old, as the boy looked incredibly mature for his age, according to odditycentral.

Johnson player

GenerationNEXXT a school and national youth sports network in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Johnson was listed at the age of 12, and many of them claim that the player is at least 20 years old, while some demanded that the player show his birth certificate.

Tattoos and mustaches raise controversy about the age of the American player

Many people alluded to the boy’s forearm tattoo and to his visible mustache and beard, claiming that these things were unusual for a 12-year-old boy. His mother resolved the issue of the tattoo, explaining that it was not real, but admitted that the beard was real.

Johnson’s size and weight are also really impressive for his intended age at age 12, as he is claimed to be 5ft 11 and weighs 90kg. “Who knows how big he’ll be by the time he’s eligible for college in 2027?” says the report. .

The award player
The player is in a photo with the award

On the other hand, it is indicated that a basketball player has become an icon in how to challenge the odds, and clear evidence that a person can overcome the impossible, if he has the will to do so, as the 19-year-old player Hansel Emmanuel became controversial on the Internet last year when it spread A video clip of him playing basketball in high school, from here the story seems familiar, but with Hansel’s health conditions, what he did seems impossible.

Loss of the left arm

The story of Hansel Emanuel is particularly special. When he was only six years old, a pile of clay bricks fell on him, crushing his left arm so badly that doctors had no choice but to amputate it from below the shoulder. It was a devastating blow to Hansel and his family, but it made him work. He worked hard to fulfill his dream of playing professional basketball.

After a stellar high school career, he hit his first college basketball score this past weekend when he scored his first point for the Northwestern State University Demons in their win over the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks..

Hansel: I can’t give up

“I had to keep playing after the layup – that was my first point,” Emmanuel said after the match. “I know my family was proud. I had to keep working, you can’t give up.”


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