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There is no room in the house without a carpet, despite the luxury of the floors, but carpets must be placed especially in the winter, as it increases the beauty and shape of the room in addition to giving a feeling of warmth, and it also absorbs noise, and due to the presence of many shapes and types The different types of carpets, we are confused when choosing the appropriate one for each room, and according to the hgtv website, “The Seventh Day” reviews the types of carpets suitable for each room in the house as follows..

Kitchen rugs

Sisal carpet is the suitable carpet for the kitchen due to its strength and durability. It also provides a strong visual contrast for narrow spaces. Dark colors such as black and charcoal black are preferred. It is a mixture of hand-woven threads or suede for ease of carrying and washing.

Carpet selection

Carpets suitable for roads and corridors

It is preferable to choose leather carpets in the “road” halls and corridors, because leather, especially natural animal skins such as cows, is considered a durable material and can be cleaned quickly and easily, and leather can be converted into many shapes of carpets, square, circular, rectangular or as it is, and the shape is chosen according to the shape of the corridor.

Road rugs
Road rugs

Carpets suitable for living rooms

The living room is the room in which the family spends most of the time. The best options are wool and sisal carpets, because they are durable, withstand movement over them, and are easy to clean, in addition to being a durable and environmentally friendly carpet.

Living room carpets
Living room carpets

Carpets suitable for bedrooms

Nylon carpets are suitable carpets for bedrooms, as they are of high quality, durable and stain-resistant, and a very soft carpet from underfoot and easy to maintain because they are made of high-quality nylon.

Best rugs for dining rooms

Carpets made of soft wool are considered the best types suitable for dining rooms, because what distinguishes them most is that they repel stains, as they are easy to clean, and are fixed in their place, so no one feels nervous about spilling something on them while eating.

The best kind of carpet
The best kind of carpet


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