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“General Security” calls for safe dealing with the prevailing weather conditions in the Kingdom

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publish date 2022-12-23 16:27:57

Today, the Public Security Directorate renewed its warnings of the need for safe handling during the prevailing weather conditions in the Kingdom.

The Directorate confirmed that workers in the traffic departments deployed since the early morning hours to detect all roads and ensure that they are free of any obstruction, ensure traffic control and maintain traffic safety on all internal and external roads of the Kingdom.

She added that the morning movement on Friday was among the usual on external roads, noting that a sudden change of lane and failure to take the necessary precautions while driving and close succession are the most important causes of traffic accidents on external roads.

The Directorate indicated that, during the past 24 hours, traffic control set several record speeds that are not commensurate with driving conditions in light of the prevailing weather conditions, which increases the rates of exposure to or causing accidents and raises their severity.

The Public Security Directorate renewed its warnings to road users of the danger of fog and torrential rains forming in valleys and low places, calling on drivers to take caution and beware of the danger of slips on external roads, and not to commit dangerous violations that cause accidents.

The Directorate emphasized the need for the safe use of heating and ventilation of the house from time to time, calling for calling the unified emergency number 911 if the need arises, as all the main operating rooms are continuous around the clock and their patrols are spread on all roads to help citizens.


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