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Developing the “Hemaya” platform to receive labor complaints to include 10 languages

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publish date 2022-12-23 21:12:12

The Ministry of Labor spoke about developing the “Hemaya” platform for receiving labor complaints, in addition to complaints from domestic workers, to include 10 languages ​​at the beginning of next year.

The head of the complaints and hotline department at the ministry, Imad al-Habarneh, said that the languages ​​include Bengali, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, Nepali, Sri Lankan and Filipino, in addition to Arabic and English.

“Unions, embassies, and civil society organizations will be given the powers to access the system to submit complaints on behalf of workers electronically, especially with regard to suspicions of human trafficking,” according to al-Habarneh, noting that workers can submit a complaint and inquire about it through their file on the platform.

This came on the second day of the closing workshop of the project to reduce and mitigate child labor in hazardous sectors in Jordan, which is held by the Tamkeen Association for Legal Aid and Human Rights, with the support of the Regional Program for Development and Protection to support Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, which began its work on Thursday in the Dead Sea region and will last for 3 days. .

Participants in the workshop emphasized the importance of raising awareness among service providers of the procedures for reducing child labor, and educating children and employers about legal frameworks, especially with regard to penalties for employers who employ children in working conditions that are inappropriate for their age group or those who have not reached 16 years of age, when In it they guarantee their rights against any form of exploitation.

They stressed the importance of activating the participatory approach between the relevant authorities, represented by a number of government ministries, civil society institutions and international organizations, in order to achieve the best interest of the child.

They drew attention to the set of challenges facing case management and what this requires in terms of bridging legal gaps that ensure effective measures and deterrent penalties, in addition to the need to provide a national database that includes data on child labor.

Mona Hakouz, head of the advisor to the process of updating the national strategy to reduce child labor in Jordan, explained that the strategy “has adopted the theory of change so that the desired impact is seen through a number of axes, activities and hypotheses established and a review of the 2022 plan, among its main axes, to reach the necessary amendments to it.” “.


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