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Arab Weather expects Jordan to be affected by a second-degree depression on Saturday

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publish date 2022-12-23 19:26:25

The Arab Weather website expects that Jordan will be affected by a “second-class” depression on Saturday, with rain falling and continuing until Monday.

The weather forecast consultant at the site, Jamal Al-Mousa, told:The kingdomFriday, that Jordan “since yesterday (Thursday) and today has been affected by relatively cold moist western winds, and therefore the weather is relatively cold and partly cloudy, and there is an opportunity for sporadic rain from time to time, but the periods of interruption during the day were more than the periods of precipitation.”

And at night, the minimum temperatures reach 6, but today the maximum reached 11 degrees, according to Al-Mousa.

“Also, almost Saturday, the weather will be partly cloudy and relatively cold, and there is a chance of rain until noon, and the temperature will be around 12 degrees Celsius, and the lowest will be around 6 to 6 degrees,” Al-Mousa explained.

However, “starting from Saturday afternoon, evening and Saturday night to Sunday, the kingdom is affected by an air depression … which is approximately centered around the island of Cyprus and is classified as second-class, i.e. between light to medium strength, and therefore rain falls from Saturday night to Sunday, and Sunday continues until Monday.”

Al-Mousa said that the rains “are sometimes heavy on Sundays, especially in the morning, and may lead to a rise in the water level and the formation of some torrential rains and torrential runoff in the valleys, especially in low places.”

This weather situation, which will continue until next Monday, “gives us rain and lower temperatures, and leads to a decrease in the extent of horizontal visibility due to fog and clouds touching the surface of the earth…” according to Al-Mousa.

The weather will stabilize on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the temperatures will rise slightly, but they will remain below average, and the weather will be between sunny and partly cloudy during the day and relatively cold at night, according to Al-Mousa.

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