The latest hair dye colors for the winter of 2023 for dark-skinned women

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Brown-skinned women are distinguished by changing the shape of their hair from time to time, so they make many forms of braids called “Rasta”, whether long or wide, or attached to strings and accessories, and when you think about trying to change the color of their hair, you are confused about the colors, although there are many Among the colors that, if she resorts to, helps highlight her facial features and the beauty of her skin tone, and according to the “stylecraze” website, we review the most suitable colors for dark-skinned women in the winter of 2023.

Metallic gray glossy

Some believe that this color is not suitable for dark-skinned women, although if some girls resort to it in order to highlight the features of their face and give them more courage and boldness, especially if they add more red tufts to it.

Gray hair color

Dark roots and bleached blonde hair

Blond color with natural hair roots is a great way to highlight the features of the eyes and draw dark lips, and although some see it as intended for girls with light skin, it is classified for brunettes.

Hair dyes for brown skin
Hair dyes for brown skin

Dark yellow is the color of the desert

Dark yellow This color is distinctive for dark-skinned women, as it is an eye-catching color, as it is a comfortable color for the eye when looking at this girl.

Hair dyes
Hair dyes

Shades of green and blue together “mermaid hair”.

As for the degrees of green and blue together, which resemble mermaid hair, those degrees make you feel that you are dealing with a bold and warrior personality who does not abandon her right, and always fights for difference.

matte blue

As for the different colors, the matte blue color gives a degree of comfort and freedom, while the “cobalt” blue color highlights the tenderness in the features of the brunette girl.

The latest hair dyes
The latest hair dyes

dark pink

This color distinguishes the dark-skinned girl, making her more feminine and delicate, especially if red shades are added to the sides.

hair dyes
hair dyes


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