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Every girl wants to look beautiful at all times, and that is why some girls are confused in choosing clothes that are appropriate for the shape and length in order to appear radiant and have great confidence. And certainly a short girl wants to look taller, and there are some easy tips that a girl can follow in order to get a look longer than her usual height, according to the site.timesofindia“.

Choosing clothes with vertical stripes:

One of the easy ways that a girl can follow to make her appear taller is to wear clothes with vertical stripes, which give the appearance of being longer than her original length, and this method is easy to follow, and vertical stripes must be worn more than horizontal stripes.

Choosing high-waisted jeans:

High-waisted jeans are considered one of the best clothes that make the waist thin and make the leg look longer. Any girl can wear stylish jeans that give her an attractive look and add extra length to her height, and it can be worn all the time.

Monochromatic choice:

Monochrome clothes can be chosen, because they give a good look, and monochromatic clothes give the impression that the body is longer than it originally was, and it is easy to follow this method for those who want to look taller.

Choosing fine prints over large ones:

If the girl is slim in size and wants to look taller, she can choose delicate prints, which makes her get a larger and more amazing shape, because fine prints make the body look appropriate and consistent, and enhance the length, and stay away from large prints because they make the length shorter.

Avoid oversized clothing.

For those who seek additional length, they should avoid loose and wide clothes, because they make the wearer appear shorter, and for this reason it is necessary to wear clothes suitable for the body with the shirt folded inside, to create a smooth line to give the illusion of a few inches higher than the original.


Costumes for a longer look
Costumes for a longer look



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