Offer a smart toilet for sale for 11,500 dollars. It lights up and plays music. Video

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Smart technology has become involved in every detail of our daily life, from the mobile phone to our personal tools, and it has come to the smart toilet equipped with the feature Alexa voice commands and lighting LED A loudspeaker and other features that help clean it and make it different from traditional toilets. According to the British Daily Mail website.

The first smart toilet

Find a toilet Numi 2.0 smartphone for the first time by a company Kohler headquartered in Wisconsin at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2019 but has now been put up for sale, which works with Alexa and lighting LED Costing around £10,000, the toilet features a deluxe heated seat, an automatic flush system, hands-free opening and closing of the lid, and a dehumidifier for the bottom of the toilet.

Smart toilet

Remote controlled toilet

Users can connect via Bluetooth apply Kohler Connect To use the sound options, with all other features controlled from the remote control, the toilet also cleans itself. The toilet has UV lights for cleaning and an automatic sprayer to remove any leftover residue inside the toilet bowl..


The toilet is priced at 9,442 pounds ($ 11,500) and is likely to be available for sale in the coming days. The toilet contains an air-drying system that cleans before you get up and uses a 220-nm ultraviolet light to break down the “microscopic waste particles” remaining in the bowl..

Another photo of the toilet
Another photo of the toilet

It features a toilet Numi 2.0It has many features that modern people are always looking for, such as it is equipped with a warm seat and automatic water flow, the lid opens and closes without the need for hands, it contains ultraviolet lamps that clean the toilet seat, and an automatic fog machine to clean the toilet bowl as well. Automatic odor removal from the seat and Bluetooth.


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