“Grunge makeup” is the most prominent makeup trend in 2023.. to get beautiful eyes

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We bid farewell during this period of the current year and prepare to receive a new year, so fashion trends appear in makeup that are expected to spread in the coming year, including “grunge makeup”, which helps the eye to appear more beautiful and better, and for this we review in the report everything you need to know about grunge makeup According to the British newspaper, Metro.

What is grunge makeup?

Grunge makeup is a trend to beautify the eyes, and it depends on applying dark shadows, whether purple or any other color, with a black “eyeliner” drawing, which helps to show the eyes in a more beautiful way.

Another photo of women wearing grunge makeup

Makeup expert Dominique Skinner talked about the trend of eye makeup expected to spread next year, which revolves around applying a dark purple or black shade and installing eyelashes that help beautify the eye and make it look more beautiful and increase the girl’s self-confidence when attending the New Year’s party or when she goes to work.

Another image
Another image

Dominic’s tips for applying grunge makeup

It is preferable to use a waterproof purple eyeshadow so that it does not smudge and to use an “eyeliner” which is a pen to draw the lash line above and below simply to avoid making any mistakes caused by the brush.

The use of eye shadow and “eyeliner” helps to make the eye appear more beautiful, and the make-up expert advised to apply a moisturizing cream with a highlighter that helps to unify the skin color and makes it look natural all the time.

Grunge makeup
Grunge makeup

The make-up expert advised girls and women who want to follow make-up trends and get distinctive looks all the time, by applying a foundation cream suitable for skin color at the beginning of applying make-up, while making sure to apply eye shadows accurately and in focus to avoid smudging, in order to obtain a distinctive, feminine and elegant look when attending any occasion. , which helps to increase self-confidence.


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