A dog warns a girl to turn off the TV and go back to studying before her father returns.. Video

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Dogs have the ability to alert their owners about emergencies and changes around them. They can not only prevent thefts through a quick response, but also sound an alarm in the event of an accident or mishap. Every day, we watch dozens, perhaps hundreds, of videos about dogs’ loyalty and help to their friends.

But it’s not just the serious things that friends love, as social media pioneers shared an old video depicting the wonderful relationship between a dog and a little girl, and the clip shows the pet alerting the little girl to turn off the TV and return to her homework just as her father was about to enter the house.

The little girl watches TV

The short clip, posted by Yoda4ever On Twitter, a dachshund is sleeping on the floor next to the TV, the little girl is watching a video about cooking, and suddenly the dog gets up and starts barking as he stares at the door.

The dog’s curious reaction was enough for the girl to understand that her father had come home, so she turned off the TV and pretended to go back to her homework, while her father walked across the living room. The dog followed him.

The little girl pretends to study after her father arrives
The little girl pretends to study after her father arrives

Despite the kindness of the clip, a number of users asked questions about the video, and one of the users commented, “It happens, but in this case I wonder. Who provided the video? Certainly not the dog.”

A third user wrote: “There is a longer video of this on YouTube where the father explains the shenanigans of these two friends.”


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