A British couple quit their jobs and travel the world to support stray animals

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Anyone looking for a job that guarantees him a monthly salary through which he can spend on his family, but the couple, Alex Hunter and Doug Oldry from England, decided to leave their jobs and travel by car around the world for a walk and to complete their charitable journey and the main goal of the trip is to raise money for charities specializing in animal care stray. And they even succeeded in collecting 2,650 pounds, and their main goal was to collect 3,000 pounds, according to the British newspaper, “Metro”.

The story of the stray dog

The couple on their tour

The couple’s goal is to travel around the world

Alex Hunter, 29, and Doug Oldry, 30, have traveled 40 countries by car, making sure they have a stove, double bed and kitchen as well as stocking up on food and starting their trip last July.


The couple arrived in Morocco, and a five-week-old dog, whom they named Taja, ran in front of the car, causing an accident, and the couple decided to adopt him.

Another photo of the couple
Another photo of the couple

Alex and Doug, a prosthetist, were scheduled to complete their studies in 2020, and go on a journey that starts in Europe and ends in Russia..

But when the coronavirus struck, the pair went straight to hospital work at the height of the pandemic, and it was only earlier this year that they felt ready to quit their jobs and move on with their travels.

Another photo of the couple with the dog
Another photo of the couple with the dog

The couple visited 40 countries, including France, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Morocco and other countries.


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