A British couple cycled around the world on a double bike in 180 days

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A British couple took on the grueling challenge of circumnavigating the world on a double bike, 18,000 miles (28,968 km) across 21 countries, to end their epic journey earlier this month. cnn That Stevie Massey and Laura Massey-Bough walked December 1 through a blizzard at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin – the city where they began their Guinness World Record attempt 180 days earlier.


The couple, both from the UK, are applying for official certification after becoming the fastest cyclists to circumnavigate the world on a twin bike.

The couple in their double car
The couple with their double bike

Although they are both keen cyclists, Stevie is an experienced long-distance rider while Laura describes herself as an “everyday cyclist”.

during the flight
during the flight

They bonded over their common interests after bicycling on one of their early dates. In 2020, the couple read about Kat Dixon and Raz Marsden — who set the Guinness World Records for the fastest circumnavigation on a bicycle (female) in 263 days, 8 hours, and 7 minutes.

After discovering that the men’s team record for worldwide cycling was 281 days, 22 hours and 20 minutes, the pair were confident they could beat both records.

While Guinness World Records also lists a mixed version of the record, there are currently no record holders. The couple then researched the rules, which included traveling at least 18,000 miles in one direction, and passing through two opposite points (diametrically opposite locations on Earth). Earth’s surface) and end the journey at the same point where they started.

After countless setbacks, battling against increasingly shorter daylights and fending for themselves in a part of the world every day, the couple said they were relieved to return to normal life.

Laura told the network cnn“It was just such a huge relief to finally be able to stop riding and see some friends and family loved ones that we hadn’t seen in 6 months it was just so overwhelming.”


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