5 different uses of beeswax.. including for decoration and beautification

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Honey is one of the natural materials that no home is without because of its many health and nutritional benefits. It is included in many food seasonings, but what about beeswax, which is considered the main home for the formation of honey, as its benefits and uses are countless, so the seventh day reviews possible uses. To hear it for the first time about beeswax, according to the site “purewow” As follows:

Making candles

With the high price of scented candles, why not take advantage of the beeswax pieces available in your cupboard and add the available and soothing scented oils that you like to inhale, as this method helps you to make scented and gifted candles, in addition to that it will rid you of mosquitoes.


Wood polish

If you own an old piece of furniture inherited from your ancestors that you want to get rid of due to its discoloration or cracking, just a piece of beeswax will help to renew this piece quietly and effortlessly, just pass it on the cracked area, or rub it on the drawers and doors and it will come back as new Exactly, and if you want to polish the wood, just mix it with olive or coconut oil and heat them on a steam bath until the final wax melts and then leave them to harden again, then rub the wood with them using a clean cloth.

Wood polish
Wood polish

Make crayons for your kids

Just mix equal parts beeswax and soap shavings and melt in a double boiler, once melted, pour into molds and add a few drops of food coloring to each one to make different shades and stir to blend, then let dry and let them use it safely


Lip balm

Beeswax is widely used in cosmetics thanks to its ability to lock in moisture throughout the day. When used as a lip balm, it eliminates chapped lips, moisturizes and polishes them.

Moist lips
Moist lips

Body butter

Body butter is one of the expensive beauty products, so why not do it yourself at home easily and with natural ingredients, just use beeswax with coconut oil and olive oil and mix them well on a very quiet fire with continuous stirring in one direction until it is completely melted and some essential oils can be added such as mint, strawberry, basil and mango, and use them after they become solid and cohesive.

body butter
body butter


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