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The percentage of water stored in Jordan’s dams is less than 11% of their total capacity

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publish date 2022-12-21 23:28:00

The percentage of water stored in Jordan’s dams is less than 11% of their total capacity, which amounts to about 180 million cubic meters, according to Omar Salameh, spokesman for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, on Wednesday.

Salama said toThe kingdomThe rainy season “is scarce so far, but we hope that the remainder of the season will be compensated for by precipitation,” indicating that the storage of dams “is still at its low levels, which is less than 11% of the total energy, which is about 180 million cubic meters.” .

And the last rainy season “was weak and the one before it was weak, and this already affects the groundwater reserves, and the water supply during the coming periods,” according to Salameh.

And he talked about “the growing water challenges with the decline of (water) resources and the increase in attacks,” as the King Abdullah Canal was subjected to 28,000 attacks during the past few years.

He pointed to “attacks in very large numbers… We are talking about more than 71,000 attacks on the main (water) lines…”.

Salama said that “the laws must be strict … because we have dozens or even hundreds of cases pending in the courts, and we hope that rulings will be issued against the violators,” pointing out that 593 cases are pending in the public court.

The Ministry of Water has developed a national strategy to reduce water loss, which “includes reducing this loss at a rate of 1-2% annually,” according to Salama, who talked about achieving “positive results to reach global levels by 2040, which is less than 25%.”

Salama touched on the efforts of the Ministry of Water to “modernize networks” and projects that the ministry began implementing during the past few years, “aiming at developing pumping stations, developing networks, reducing losses, and replacing damaged meters in a way that achieves satisfaction for the citizen and the Ministry, and raises the efficiency of supply and reduces energy costs….”

The Secretary-General of the Jordan Valley Authority, Manar Mahasneh, said through the program “After the newsThe authority’s plan to compensate for the lack of storage is to dig wells.

She confirmed that the water reserves in the northern dams are “good.”

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