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The government’s budget is weak and is not directed towards real development

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publish date 2022-12-22 09:35:37

Amman – Laith Al-Nimrat

Representative Adnan Mashuqa was surprised by the government’s insistence and intransigence regarding fuel prices and the failure to take any decision to reduce its prices despite popular demands to do so.

Mashuqa said, “compass“There is a tendency by the government to reduce fuel prices at the end of this month, indicating that presenting the reduction decision in the middle of the month would have pulled the fuse of the crisis in the street.

The deputy explained that the government can take austerity decisions on senior employees, in terms of their expenses and allocations, their travel costs, and so on, wondering why the government agreed to travel officials on the first class and not the tourist class, in light of the economic conditions the country is going through.

Mashuqa added, “The state can find ways to reduce expenditures and provide an allowance for fuel tax,” not resorting to the pocket of citizens who suffer from very difficult economic conditions.

In a related context, Representative Mashuqa indicated that according to the budget submitted by the government to the House of Representatives, there is no direction from the government towards development and it is very weak in the budget. Demanding a change in the approach of governments is more important than demanding a change in their people, so that governments are able to make a tangible difference on citizen.

He pointed out that what we are calling for today is fighting corruption, rationalizing consumption and expenditures, reducing taxes, and taking into account the conditions of citizens, which are necessary for any government.

And he indicated that Jordan is rich in many resources, and these resources must be used properly, to make a difference on the ground, and for the citizen to feel the value of his country’s resources and reflect positively on him.


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