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An official who does not have solutions to our crises and problems “goes away”

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publish date 2022-12-22 11:01:43

Amman – Raed Sbeih

The Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front Party, Eng. Wael Al-Sakka, directed in his statements to “compassA sharp criticism of the government and its team and the way they dealt with the current crisis by “turning the back” and the customary security mentality, calling at the same time everyone who does not have solutions to our crises and problems among those responsible to “go” (resign from office), as he put it.

Al-Sakka said: The country has been experiencing a crisis of freedoms for a long time, and not only now, and as long as we demanded the government, officials, and the state to grant and grant the right of citizens to express themselves in accordance with the laws and the constitution and without prejudice to security and institutions.

He added, however, that the security method in which officials deal with people is what leads to frustration, and does not reach solutions that the citizen can accept or be convinced of.

Al-Sakka added that, since what happened against the teachers’ union and beyond, the customary security mentality is still the basis for dealing with people, even if they are right in their demands.

M. Wael Al-Sakka: The continuation of the customary mentality in dealing with the demands of the Jordanians will not give the country any relief

Results-oriented dialogue

He pointed out that the solution to the crises and problems we face must come through dialogue that leads to results, and not a closed dialogue, that we do not have solutions, and those who do not have solutions “go.”

Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh said during a parliament session earlier this month that he challenges his government to be the most borrowing government.

Al-Khasawneh added that governments borrow 2 billion dinars to cover expenses, pointing out that “the treasury does not have the luxury to subsidize fuel,” as he described it.

Engineer Wael El-Sakka said: This country has citizens who have rights, and there is an accumulation of breaches of its economic and social status, and any official must assume his responsibilities to the fullest, and there should be transparency in presenting the reasons that led to these problems.

He pointed to the necessity of “cooperating with civil society institutions that are affected by this repression and this customary mentality, and no partisan is spared, despite the legislation that was passed based on the results of the Royal Commission, which promised a political future and legislation regulating political action.”

Customary mentality and encroachment on the will of the citizen

Al-Sakka expressed his regret that “the security services are still chasing the partisans, the media is still being pursued, and the legislation regulating freedoms still needs to be amended,” warning that the continuation of this policy “does not give the country any relief, neither today nor later.”

Al-Saqqa criticized the “miserable” role and the unjustified absence of the parliament from the crisis, asking: Does this parliament truly represent the Jordanian people, and does the citizen’s will to elect his representatives be violated through unceasing fraud? No elections took place without interference and fraud.

And he added, “Even the trade unions and civil society institutions that we are proud of have begun to be affected by the security hands, by interfering with their will and the will of their members.”

Al-Sakka said: By God, this matter is not permissible. We are talking about our burning, we will not sit in our homes, and we will say to the benefactor, well done, and to the bad person, bad.

He concluded by sending a message to officials and decision makers in Jordan: Public freedoms are the first door to reform, and the political solution is the first door to reform, followed by administrative and economic reform. On our identity, the morals of our society, our customs and traditions, so the insult to the country and the citizen will not cease.

King: An official who is not as responsible should withdraw

It is noteworthy that King Abdullah II confirmed last month that modernization with its three political, economic and administrative tracks is the state’s project.

And the King, during his visit to the Prime Ministry and presiding over a part of the cabinet session, warned that laxity in implementing the modernization project, retracting it, or postponing it is not acceptable.

The King emphasized that an official who does not see himself as responsible must withdraw so as not to delay the team.

He pointed to the importance of communicating with citizens so that they feel that they are partners and that the government is working for them, noting the need for citizens to see the size of the achievement in the field.

The king pointed out the importance of focusing on the right of the media and citizens to obtain information, and continuous communication with professional media, since the alternative is the spread of false news and rumors.

The King concluded his speech by indicating that he will follow up on the government’s work to identify deficiencies, if any, and to measure achievement when achieved.


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