There is no longer a problem..the most prominent trend for Asian eyeliner on “Tik Tok”

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Makeup trends differ from time to time, but they agree that they are compatible with different tastes and eye shapes as well, to help women obtain an elegant and feminine look at the same time, but those with eyes covered with eyelids such as Asian eyes may face some difficulties, as makeup experts do not care much about them. When creating or explaining a particular method of eye makeup.

Asian eye make-up

Masked eyes are covered with eyelids, which are similar to the eyes of Asian women, who find it difficult to apply eyeliner as it smudges quickly, so a trend appeared on the “Tik Tok” application, and makeup artist Nicole Elliott described this trend as ideal for Asian eyes and elegant and depends on drawing a deep line across a line. Lower eyelashes, from one corner of the eye to the other corner.

Asian eyes
Asian eyes

Then add a click of “cat’s eyes”, and define the inner corner of the eye by placing a small point, while a straight line must be drawn until the outer corner of the eye, so that the “eyeliner” appears and makes the eye look clear and attractive and shows its beauty more.

Nicole advised Asian eyes, to use an eyeliner pen or “eyeliner” similar to a pencil, so that they can draw the first line successfully, instead of using a brush that smears the eyeliner in the eye and makes it look bad in front of others.

And the make-up expert, while giving advice that must be applied when drawing the Asian eye, indicated the need to use a liquid pen to draw points in the corners of the eye so that it looks clearly and makes the eye look more beautiful and beautiful.

And it seems that the trend spread on “Tik Tok” was liked by many women who were keen to apply it at home and recorded video clips of how to apply it. Some of them were keen to direct other women who face the same problem, by talking about steps that help them apply this method easily in home, and many indicated that this trend made their eyes look feminine and wonderful.


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