The correct steps to defrost the freezer .. for an effective result in a short time

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Many suffer from the rapid accumulation of ice on the freezer, the reason may be due to the rapid freezing of water vapor after the freezer has been opened suddenly more than once, with the passage of time dense layers are formed that cover the ventilation openings and cause problems, so it is necessary to disassemble the freezer and rid it of the accumulated ice in a manner Correct, just as we follow a correct way to clean the refrigerator, here are the correct steps according to what was stated on the site bhg

Turn off the freezer:

In the event that you want to get rid of the ice in an easy and quick way, you must follow the steps that start from disconnecting the electricity from the freezer, while waiting for the ice to melt, take out all the foodstuffs, and it is preferable to put them inside another refrigerator to ensure that their quality is preserved.

Preparing the area:

Make sure that there are no stains on the floor or a mess when melting, so it is preferable to place towels inside the bottom shelf to absorb water, taking into account the placement of plastic towels on the floor of the area surrounding the melting. We can use a bucket to help collect water, while making sure to provide a mop.

Wait for the ice to melt:

Separate the freezer for two to 24 hours, depending on the strength of the ice’s cohesion, taking into account opening the door so that it melts easily, taking care to place a fan near the freezer, taking into account the use of towels to clean any water that does not reach the drain hose.

Clean the freezer:

After making sure that the ice has completely melted, it is preferable to wipe the interior represented by the shelves, the inner walls, and the freezer door with a piece of cloth dipped in a solution consisting of 1 tablespoon of baking soda added to 4 cups of warm water.To remove any leftover water or ice crumbs.

Test the freezer:

After completing all the previous steps, the freezer must be tested by connecting it to electricity, or restarting it, then you must wait until the set temperature reaches, then check the freezer again after it exceeds 15 minutes, then return the foodstuffs to it again.

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