Picture and information.. The house mouse has reached all continents of the world and eats even soap

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The house mouse, which every housewife fears, and feels very disturbed when seeing it roaming comfortably around the house, is one of the most common types of mice around the world, and it is naturally very close to humans because it lives in homes.

The house mouse has a relatively large eye, a large ear, and a long tail, with short legs. The color of the mouse is brownish-gray, and the degree of color may vary according to the mouse. It may have a dark color that tends to be black. In Europe, its color is closer to brown, and others may have Light color in North Africa.

The mouse eats many types of plants such as leaves, stems and seeds, and it can eat insects such as cockroaches and caterpillars, and it eats meat, and in homes it eats everything that is stored so as not to leave the soap in case, because it also stores its food.

mouse houses

It lives in groups and may at times turn into large colonies. It lives in homes, barns, warehouses, and agricultural areas. It has a great ability to adapt to different environments with ease. It lives in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and it has reached North and South America and Australia.


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