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A basketball player has turned into an icon of how to defy odds, and clear evidence that a person can overcome the impossible, if he has the will to do so. 19-year-old player Hansel Emmanuel became controversial on the Internet last year when a video clip of him playing ball spread. Basketball in high school, from here the story seems familiar, but with Hansel’s health conditions, what he did seems impossible.

Loss of the left arm

The story of Hansel Emanuel is particularly special. When he was only six years old, a pile of clay bricks fell on him, crushing his left arm so badly that doctors had no choice but to amputate it from below the shoulder. It was a devastating blow to Hansel and his family, but it made him work. He worked hard to fulfill his dream of playing professional basketball.


After a stellar high school career, he hit his first college basketball score last weekend when he scored his first point for the Northwestern State University Demons in their win over the Louisiana Monroe Warhawks.

Hansel: I can’t give up

“I had to keep playing after the layup – that was my first point,” Emmanuel said after the match. “I know my family was proud. I had to keep working, you can’t give up.”


Hansel Emanuel was born in the Dominican Republic, and later moved to Florida with his family and developed a passion for basketball very early in his life, but that love went away after a terrible accident, he couldn’t even tie his shoelaces or drink a glass of water, and he got so depressed that he didn’t He would like to do anything, but when he dealt with his disability and discovered that he could do a lot of things with only one arm, his love for basketball ignited, according to the website. odditycentral.

He spent hours practicing on the basketball court learning how to bounce the ball and dribble the ball with one hand, practicing one-handed shots, and gradually regained his confidence. However, his parents were reluctant to let him play, fearing that his disability would prevent him from competing against healthy players. .

The father’s attitude towards his son’s desire

“He didn’t want me to play because of the blows I might take,” Emmanuel recently said of his father, but he never took a beating, instead dazzling everyone with his skills and becoming an internet sensation in the process.

One-handed player

College basketball scouts began to take notice of Hansel Emanuel, as did the players NBA Like Kyrie Irving who came to see him play and take his picture with him, even NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal acknowledged his skills in a social media post.

“I hope people understand how different Hansel Emanuel is…he outlasted some of the best high school players with one arm,” said the Los Angeles Lakers legend. Hansel Emanuel is the fourth one-armed player to play in the college league and dreams of one day becoming the first player to play in the league. American Pro.


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