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Many housewives may be lazy to go out annually to buy Christmas decorations, and with exams approaching, it is difficult to go out and walk around to buy everything suitable for this annual celebration, and at the same time mothers do not like not to celebrate, but rather want to bring joy to the hearts of their children by decorating the house, even with things Simple, so we review some inexpensive and simple ideas that make you take advantage of old clothes and furnishings to make Christmas decorations and at the same time make your children happy with decorating and making them with you.

Christmas tree hanging from old fabric

Green cloth can be cut in a thin rectangular shape with gradual sizes, starting from 70 cm to 10 cm, and tying each strip with a knot in the middle, and then arranging them from the longest to the shortest in a hierarchical manner, sticking together, either by stitching them, or by attaching them to a small stick, then making a pendant In golden color, like the shape of a star and used to hang the tree on the wall or on one of the doors.

leftover fabric

Gift wrapping jeans

Recycling is important for preserving the environment. You can use old jeans by cutting them and using them to wrap New Year’s gifts instead of using plastic wrapping papers that are harmful to the environment.

Gift wrapping
Gift wrapping

Comments in the old hops

You can make decorative comments, whether for the Christmas tree, or decorate the walls of rooms and doors, with old, unused jumps, by sewing a colored woolen thread from the wrists area, and using it to hang on the tree or the wall.

Comments in the old hops
Comments in the old hops

Make a star out of an apron

There is no house that does not have a kitchen apron with white checks in red, and it was and still is distinctive for years in homes, so it can be cut in the shape of a star and decorate its edges with thread, or shiny decorations and hang it, and the same fabric can be used to wrap gifts or make ribbons to decorate the Christmas tree.


From the old shirt, make a cover for the interior pillows

From the old shirt, it is possible to make a decorative covering according to the shape of the shirt, and to cover pillows with it, and to use the buttons of this shirt instead of sewing or zippers.



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