American esthetician quits her job to save disabled animals

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An American esthetician traded and gave up her glamorous career when she realized her true mission was to save disabled farm animals. Amanda Clark, 33, runs a service The Here With Us Farm Sanctuary She and her husband, Steve, 35, are in Sherman’s Dale, Pennsylvania, to rescue disabled animals, according to the New York Post.

Amanda Clarke and Animals

Save the farm animals

The rescue involved 180 farm animals, including dairy cows, chickens and pigs. The vegan couple got inspiration from a visit to a sanctuary in New York in 2017. “We were so touched by their stories that we literally became vegan overnight,” Amanda Clarke explained. .

The couple rescued two goats, Patrick and Darby, in July 2017, and Clark’s brother initially allowed them to keep the animals in a fenced-in section of his yard.


Non-profit charitable foundation

They rescued 4 chickens and bought land in York County, Pennsylvania to save more animals.

And in 2019, it became Here With Us A registered non-profit charity that relies on donor funds, it is assisted by 10 to 12 volunteers, including the couple’s 9-year-old son Finn.

On the other hand, a Ukrainian veterinarian named Maria Mikityuk devoted her life to saving pets affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war after her husband, who was working as a programmer, left to join the Ukrainian army and they sent their children to Australia to live with friends there.

Maria chose to stay to protect the pets on the streets of the Ukrainian city of Ptosha that their owners left behind. Maria learned to remove splinters from dogs and cats and was treating a large number of animals, up to 5 dogs a day.


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