7 ways to teach your child to carry out the tasks required of him efficiently

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Some parents make mistakes when assigning a child tasks that he cannot accomplish, and they accuse him of failing to perform his daily tasks, so mothers must prepare the child to respond to the performance required of him in various tasks, without violence or tension, so the seventh day reviews during the following lines the best 7 steps to help your child to perform the tasks required of him, according to Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification consultant.

Define tasks:

Determine the task to be performed by your child and use clear understandable phrases so that he can understand what is being asked of him, along with a simplified explanation of the nature of the assignment.

Timing selection:

Choose the appropriate time to perform the task and avoid sleeping or exhausting times for your child so that he can perform the task well.

Make sure he can:

Make sure that the assignment required of him does not exceed his age or physical capabilities so that he will not be harmed. Some mothers make the mistake of asking the child to carry heavy tasks, move things, or other tasks that are beyond his ability.

Don’t expect to fail:

Do not expect failure from your child before starting the task. Frustrating phrases and blaming him for failure impede his desire to complete the task successfully and give him the impression of frustration and inability to implement.

Good planning:

Good planning before starting the task. Help your child plan the performance in a pre-equipped way before starting it. Discuss with him and make him present solutions for implementation quickly and accurately.

Gradation of responsibility:

Assign some of the tasks required of your child to do it on his own, and talk to him about his role and ability to implement it. Boost his self-confidence, assume responsibilities, and the need to participate and cooperate in implementing what is asked of him.

Role models:

Be a role model for your child in assuming responsibility and carrying out the required duties, and make yourself a model for positive imitation and simulation for your child in carrying out work and housework tasks.

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Teach your child to participate in chores
Teach your child to participate in chores

child education
child education


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