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They are charged with applying the provisions of the publications, visual and audio laws

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publish date 2022-12-21 16:40:15

The Media Commission confirmed that it is mandated to implement the provisions of the Publications, Publications, and Audiovisual Media Laws, indicating that its competence is limited to the requirements of the legal texts and materials in the two legislations above.

The commission stated, in a statement today, Wednesday, that “from this standpoint, the commission was keen to preserve the rights of Jordanian society, news sites, and other licensed media outlets alike; In order to prevent slipping towards hate speech and abuse in the comments that create conflicts between the components of the same Jordanian society, which leads to its deviation from the noble goal that the profession of journalism performs.

According to the above concepts and data, the Commission has coordinated with the President of the Journalists Syndicate, our colleague Rakan Al-Saaida, and it has been decided to retract what was stated in the Commission’s letter No. (P/3689) dated (20/12/2022), to hold a meeting with the members of the Journalists Syndicate Council, to lay down objective foundations And common normative and technical, to deal with such cases included in the book.

The authority appreciated the efforts of fellow journalists with whom it works jointly through their syndicate to achieve the public interest, expressing great respect and appreciation for them.

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