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Jordanians pay the government more than they take from it (witness)

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publish date 2022-12-21 22:11:06

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Former Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Jawad al-Anani, said that some taxes must be reduced, as well as energy prices, because they are involved in all industrial fields.

Al-Anani added, in an interview with Yarmouk TV, that he supports reducing sales tax and reducing fuel prices, pointing out that the reduction will cause a crisis for the government in the short term, but it will compensate for it in the long term.

He pointed out that reducing taxes will lead to an increase in investment and job opportunities, and thus an increase in purchasing power, and the government will be compensated financially.

And he indicated that the government must pay the deficit that will be caused by the tax cuts, and then compensate it through investment, but the solution takes time.

Anani said that taxes in Jordan have exceeded the potential limit, and therefore the government will face people’s evasion from paying them or other solutions.

He stressed that the government lacks the audacity to offer solutions, and we have reached a stage where we pay the government more than we take from it, indicating that the tax reduction solution will be directly affected by the citizen.

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