Freihat makes fiery statements in front of the “Representatives”: The dome is closed to us (witness)

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publish date 2022-12-20 16:51:58

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The deputy in the Parliamentary Reform Bloc, Yanal Al-Freihat, revealed a set of surprises in a video recorded in front of the House of Representatives.

Al-Freihat said that the dome has been closed to deputies since the last strong session, and the council was not called to convene despite the sensitive circumstance, and despite the message from the King’s Permanent Office to convene the council continuously, which is incorrect.

Al-Freihat added that the dome is closed and the important media is the monopoly of a certain group of deputies, and we discovered that there is a “block” on us, which prompted me to resort to social networking sites.

He offered condolences to the martyrs of the security services, accusing the government of causing what is happening because of its intransigence and refusal to deal with the protesters, and put the security services in the face of the protesters after its unfair decisions over the years.

Freihat sent a message to King Abdullah II stating that the departure of the government has become a unanimous popular demand, and the situation has reached a precedent, which is the refusal of the martyrs’ clans to receive condolences from the government, which is unusual in Jordanian traditions, which indicates the current crisis.

He stressed that the country needs strong statesmen who are able to lead the stage, indicating at the same time the weakness of the current parliament, despite the importance of the institution constitutionally.

He warned of the arrival of extremists to power in the Zionist entity, which means dealing with government figures whose program poses a threat to Jordan.

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