To please her parents.. A Turkish girl impersonates a doctor and has been working in a hospital for more than a year

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The family of the Turkish girl Aisha Ozkiraz has always wanted their daughter to become a doctor, so after graduating from high school, she took the medical school exam but failed, but she did not want to let her family down, so instead of admitting her failure, she told them that she had enrolled at the prestigious Kaba Medical University and that she was studying To become a doctor, she even faked her exam result and registration papers so her parents wouldn’t suspect anything, but that was just the beginning of her career.

female doctor

Turkish girl forging her university degree

Aisha Ozkiraz said, “When I was a high school student, my parents wanted me to study in medical school. They thought I would get a high score, but I didn’t get a good enough score to enter medical school.. When my family wanted to see the exam result document, I did prepare a fake test result document and show it to them,” according to odditycentral.

But the little girl did more than just lie to her family. She started lying to everyone. She settled in a dormitory in Istanbul and told people that she was a medical student. She also printed a fake student ID card and started walking around Capa Medical University, interacting with actual medical students.

The fake doctor
The fake doctor

The girl deceives her parents and hospital doctors

One day, when her mother fell ill and had to be taken to a hospital in Tekirdag, Aisha came home to be with her parents and actually started telling the staff at the hospital that she was a doctor, so she also lied about her age, claiming that she was 25 when she was 20. Only a year old, and she used fake college student cards and doctor’s ID cards showing that she had graduated and outperformed her classmates, so that the lie could be true.

After gaining the trust of the hospital staff, Aisha Ozkiraz was offered the opportunity to work there, and she seized the opportunity, although she had never studied or practiced medicine, and added, “Over time, I gained the love and trust of doctors in the hospital..even the chief physician, who I told him that I wanted to become a pediatric surgeon, he involved me in an operation.”

the girl
the girl

Somehow the 20-year-old managed to pose as a doctor, but despite her efforts to keep up appearances, she remained under suspicion because she kept avoiding answering basic medical questions or simply answered wrongly. When they became convinced she was lying about her training, staff called the police.

While searching Aisha’s rented apartment, the police found several forged identity cards from several hospitals in Turkey, forged documents, and medical uniforms. There must be more to Aisha’s story.


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